7 sep - 9 dec, 2018
free admission

About the exhibition

In an attempt to align thought and feeling, creation and reflection, the 33rd Bienal de São Paulo is conceived as an exhibition that favors experience over discourse, discovery over theme and plurality over uniformity. By questioning power relations within the art world and shifting the weight of decision-making, the 33rd Bienal de São Paulo aspires to reaffirm the power of art as a unique place to focus attention in, to, and for the world.


In order to emphasize the different exhibition proposals that constitute the Bienal, the architectural project designed by Alvaro Razuk prioritizes a clear articulation between the various exhibitions, also providing ample areas for social gathering and rest.

Visual Identity

The poster for this edition is designed by Raul Loureiro, who brought his own affinities as graphic motifs for the visual identity of the exhibition. It is composed of a reproduction of the work Formas expressivas [Expressive Forms] (1932), by Hans (Jean) Arp – a relief painting with wood –, accompanied by typographic elements. The visual identity adopts the Helvetica font family, which prioritizes clarity and neutrality of meaning, and emphasizes the number 33 as a conceptual element.

Editorial Projects

The traditional catalogue will be replaced by a series of artist books edited by Fundação Bienal de São Paulo in collaboration with Fabiana Werneck. The Bienal will also publish an extensive catalogue of the exhibition after the opening, including photographs of the installation, as well as interviews with participating artists.


Reprodução fotográfica da obra Formas expressivas de Jean Arp do ano de 1932, composta por 3 recortes de madeira brancas com formas orgânicas abstratas sobre fundo branco. No canto superior direito está o número trinta e três em algarismos arábicos pretos e grossos que ocupam quase todo o quadrante. Na faixa inferior, em tamanho menor, em letras de forma pretas, há o texto 33 Bienal de São Paulo afinidades afetivas 2018Poster designed by Raul Loureiro for the 33rd Bienal de São Paulo ©Arp, Jean / AUTVIS, Brazil, 2017. Formas expressivas (1932). MAC-USP Collection. Photography: Eduardo Ortega / Fundação Bienal de São Paulo