7 sep - 9 dec, 2018
free admission

The 33rd Bienal de São Paulo – Affective Affinities seeks to create an alternative model to thematic exhibitions by favouring the artists’ gaze upon their own creative contexts. The event introduces twelve individual projects and seven group shows organised by artist-curators. 

tue, wed, fri, sun and holidays: 9am - 7pm (last entry 6pm)
thur, sat: 9am - 10pm (last entry 9pm)
closed on mondays

Group Exhibitions

Mamma Andersson
Stargazer II

Åke Hodell / Bruno Knutman / Carl Fredrik Hill / Dick Bengtsson / Ernst Josephson / Gunvor Nelson / Henry Darger / Ícones Russos / Ladislas Starewitch / Lim-Johan / Mamma Andersson/ Miroslav Tichý

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Sofia Borges
The infinite history of things or the end of the tragedy of one

Ana Prata / Antonio Malta Campos / Bruno Dunley / Jennifer Tee / Leda Catunda / Rafael Carneiro / Sara Ramo / Sarah Lucas / Tal Isaac Hadad / Thomas Dupal / Tunga / among others

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Antonio Ballester Moreno

Andrea Büttner / Antonio Ballester Moreno / Escola de Vallecas: Alberto Sánchez & Benjamín Palencia / Friedrich Fröbel / José Moreno Cascales / Mark Dion / Matríztica (Humberto Maturana & Ximena Dávila) / Rafael Sánchez-Mateos Paniagua

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Claudia Fontes
The Slow Bird

Ben Rivers / Claudia Fontes / Daniel Bozhkov / Elba Bairon / Katrín Sigurdardóttir / Pablo Martín Ruiz / Paola Sferco / Roderick Hietbrink / Sebastián Castagna / Žilvinas Landzbergas

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Wura-Natasha Ogunji
always, never

Lhola Amira / Mame-Diarra Niang / Nicole Vlado / ruby onyinyechi amanze / Wura-Natasha Ogunji / Youmna Chlala

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Waltercio Caldas
The Appearances

Anthony Caro / Antonio Calderara / Antonio Dias / Armando Reverón / Bruce Nauman / Cabelo / Gego / Jorge Oteiza / José Resende / Miguel Rio Branco / Milton Dacosta / Oswaldo Goeldi / Richard Hamilton / Sergio Camargo / among others

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Alejandro Cesarco
To Our Parents

Alejandro Cesarco / Andrea Büttner / Cameron Rowland / Henrik Olesen / Jennifer Packer / John Miller / Louise Lawler / Matt Mullican / Oliver Laric / Peter Dreher / Sara Cwynar / Sturtevant

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Individual Projects

Vânia Mignone

Brazilian popular music and the everyday life are the inspiration behind the artworks produced by Vânia Mignone (BRA, 1967).

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Nelson Felix

Nelson Felix' (BRA, 1954) formal work appears to materialize a planetary awareness.

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Tamar Guimarães

Tamar Guimarães (BRA, 1967) merges a critical institutional approach with poetic and narrative concerns in a new video.

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Maria Laet

The everyday is the inspiration behind the artworks produced by Maria Laet (BRA, 1982), who is exhibiting a new video.

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Luiza Crosman

Luiza Crosman's (BRA, 1987) project is linked to the current of institutional critique and move away from traditional art mediums.

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Alejandro Corujeira

Alejandro Corujeira (ARG, 1961) has a light and fluid formal perception, which appears to want to capture the movement of nature.

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Aníbal López

Aníbal López (GUA, 1964-2014) was one of the precursors of performance art in Guatemala.

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Bruno Moreschi

Bruno Moreschi (BRA, 1982) is creating an archive of experiences that are not those of an official archive.

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Siron Franco

Siron Franco (BRA, 1950) records a radiation accident that took place in 1987, when a neighbourhood of Goiania called Bairro Popular was contaminated with Caesium 137.

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Feliciano Centurión

Feliciano Centurión (PAR, 1962 – ARG, 1996) express elements of his personal history based on a family tradition common in Paraguayan culture.

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Lucia Nogueira

Lucia Nogueira's (BRA, 1950 – UK, 1998) sculptures and installations subvert the utilitarianism of objects with subtle humour.

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