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Stargazer II
Mamma Andersson

Legenda: Mamma Andersson, Glömd, 2016. ©Courtesy: Magnus Karlsson Gallery. Photo: Per-Erik Adamsson

For her exhibition, Stargazer II, Mamma Andersson brings together a group of artists that have been inspiring and fuelling her own production as a painter. The participants share a common interest in expressive figuration and the human body. The exhibition also includes a large number of Andersson’s paintings, presenting a vibrant dialogue between her practice and her artistic inspiration:

Art is a visual language. Art can be found in a museum, a limestone church from the 13th century, a comic book, or a film from 1912 where cockroaches are the stars.

Art can be educational, created by rules, or self-taught. Regardless, it is absolutely vital for living.

I am mostly interested in the lonely artists who find their own voice in their own unique expression. These artists are often outsiders from birth, though some became outsiders over time.

The artists that I exhibit here are all different from each other, however to me they are all connected. All of them have been crucial to my own creative process at different stages of my life.

The main focus is on painting as I am a painter myself. But if I feel touched by a piece of art it does not matter if it’s a sound piece, a film, a photograph, a sculpture or a drawing.

My own artworks included in the exhibition are from the last eight years. I’ve selected them in relation to the other exhibited artworks as I feel that that these works of mine communicate well with them. [MA]


Participating artists

Åke Hodell (SWE, 1919 – 2000) 
Bruno Knutman (SWE, 1930 – 2017)
Carl Fredrik Hill (SWE, 1849 – 1911)
Dick Bengtsson (SWE, 1936 – 1989)
Ernst Josephson (SWE, 1851 – 1906)
Gunvor Nelson (SWE, 1931)
Henry Darger (EUA, 1892 – 1973)
Russian Icons
Ladislas Starewitch (POL/RUS, 1882 – FRA, 1965)
Lim-Johan (SWE, 1865 – 1944)
Mamma Andersson (SWE, 1962)
Miroslav Tichý (CZE, 1926 – 2011)

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